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Frequently Asked Questions

Our software integrates a complete CMS where you can not only upload all the content to your booth but design it as well. Booth setup will take 15-30 minutes. The process is straightforward and easy.


How do I manage my booth?

Also through the CMS, you will have access to:

  • A list of visitors to your booth during the event. You will be able to filter them, check their contact and registration data, export them in pdf or xls, print them or even send them an e-mail
  • A list with all your products/jobs and inside each of them a list of leads that requested more info or showed interest, so you can check this data online or download it
  • A list of all private and public conversations you or your reps had in the chat with every prospect


How do I manage my leads?

Data is processed in accordance with the GDPR requirements.

We store data in AWS, in different servers or areas depending on where your event will take place.


Data security

First, you need to log into the event with your chat account. We provide 10 chat accounts for each booth, all of them fully customizable.

You can have a private written chat with all the attendees at the event and also public open chats with everyone visiting your booth at that time.

Through the chat, you can also open a voice or video chat using skype or send a link to your own video chat room.

Chats are provided with the possibility to send files and also have an automatic written translation to and from any language.

Last, but not least you have the option to publish as many webcasts as you want and they will be visible both in your booth and in the webcast agenda so people can apply. Any webcast platform that you might have will be compatible.


How can I interact with prospects?

Take into consideration that virtual events can have many more visitors than a physical one, and also you are able to attend to many more people at a time. 

Chat system gives you the opportunity to attend to many people in at once and also while you are chatting you can have access to all the lead registration info which makes conversations much more straight forward.

We recommend one day events or maybe two, but technically there is no limitation.


How many days should a Virtual Event be live?

No, you can connect as many times as you want but with the agenda feature you will be able to post when you will be available so that every visitor knows, so you can spend as much time as you want at the fair. 

While you are connected a beep sound will warn you if someone is trying to talk to you.


Do I need to be connected 24/7?



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